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Keynote Speaker

Monday, May 18 8:00 AM
Stephen Kirk, Vice President & General Manager, Consumer Technology Division, UL

Stephen Kirk is a Vice President at UL (Underwriters Laboratories) with worldwide responsibility for UL’s consumer technology business, which including EMC, wireless approvals, interoperability, product safety and software.
After studying Engineering Science at Oxford University, Stephen worked for a number of years the electronics industry; before becoming the co-founder of RFI, an electronics consultancy and testing business. He grew this business over a twenty year period before selling to UL in 2010.
Stephen has a particular interest in the compliance implications of new and potentially disruptive technologies, with a particular focus on the Internet Of Things and the way technology is changing user’s expectations of words like “safe” and “secure”

Compliance, Innovation and Leadership - A discussion of what the future looks like for compliance engineers in a rapidly changing World

We live in a world where technology development and innovation are moving faster than ever before.
Many of these new technologies (such as Internet Of Things, autonomous vehicles and 3D printing) are potentially disruptive in nature and pose continuing challenges to compliance engineers.
A key question for anyone involved in compliance is how to balance innovation and compliance. In particular, “How do we enhance user safety and satisfaction whilst embracing innovation?”
Industry standardization programs and compliance are key enablers of new technology. Not only does standardization allow manufacturers to gain the benefits of scale, it also helps to underpin user confidence in the products and services that are being deployed.
But existing standardization and compliance processes may be inadequate in a world where security threats and user requirements are evolving at an ever faster pace. If we are to maintain user confidence and safety, we need to ensure that our also compliance activities evolve and become increasingly agile – this will require leadership from everyone involved.